My Books

Catch and Release

Transitions define the journey of our souls. They are the tools a Higher Power uses to shake us, regardless of our age, sex, social or financial status, back onto the journey of becoming our higher selves. Catch and Release is a hilarious, educational, shocking and humbling pathos where I share my life and the changes that would lead me back home to my most authentic self.

Boxing for Cuba

From chance encounters with Fidel Castro and Robert F. Kennedy to life in a dismal Catholic orphanage in Colorado, I eventually persevered to embrace my life as a proud and successful Cuban American. This is a poignant story of forgiveness and the joy of returning home – a worthwhile read for anyone who wants to understand the American immigration experiences.

Boxing for Cuba Reviews

I really enjoyed it.
President Bill Clinton

A lyrical and magical book.
John Hickenlooper - Governor of Colorado

A haunting coming of age story that reads like a Dickensian novel… though, all true.
Helen Thorpe - Journalist

The book is lovely, beautifully written and so evocative of a time and place.
Anna Quindlen

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