Business Facilitation Services

Bring clarity to your organization’s mission and goals.

Hello, I’m Guillermo.

I bring into my work the insights and strategies I gained from my thirty years of management experience as mayor of Denver and in the engineering industry. I know how to bring people to consensus on a common mission. 

Get buy in from all your employees in a fun, participatory way.


Consensus building is best done in a fun environment that promotes a joyful connection and appreciation from every person involved.

My facilitation methods prompt your workforce to recognize their individual and collective value and put an end to growth resistance while they reach for their personal greatest vision. Then we show them how these fit into your organization’s larger vision. 

While it is important to focus on the what and why of an organization, it is also important to get buy in on the how.

This is done by helping you articulate the kind of work environment you want to create. This is important, because support for their organization happens for employees when they feel they can be themselves and are appreciated for their contribution. My facilitation style encourages both workforce and management to appreciate the role of the other so they may create a friendly work environment where people are free to share dreams, ideas and concerns.


Create an open atmosphere where everyone feels free to share dreams, ideas and concerns.



Improve the effectiveness of your organization.


My facilitation methods prompt your workforce to recognize that cooperation, support and heartfelt commitment to the organization’s direction is one of the greatest gift’s in one’s career.

Committed employees make a greater effort and are willing to go the extra mile to support their colleagues and management. Everyone longs to be proud of what they do and to be a part of a great organization. When your employees make this transformation, the sky is the limit for what your organization can accomplish.

Experience counts

Having spent decades building consensus among elected officials and community groups, boards and task forces, I know what it takes to bring people together for a common cause. From my experience in running large organizations, I am also aware what it takes to build a healthy work environment where everyone can thrive and produce their best. these are the talents I bring to the table as a facilitator.

My Latest Insights

Something Much Greater than Your Ego is in Charge

Something Much Greater than Your Ego is in Charge

Think about it, if your ego was in charge, then everything you ever wanted would be yours. You would be rich, living in a big house with all the latest gizmos, driving the latest German luxury car. Unquestionably, you would be in charge of a successful business or be a famous movie star. If it was my ego in charge, I would be a professional basketball player who could jump so high I could dunk the ball with my feet.   

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More Unites than Divides Us, But We Have to Look for It

More Unites than Divides Us, But We Have to Look for It

Media pundits and politicians continue to promote the idea we are a divided nation. This is true. There are many areas of conflict, in particular, we seem most divided among political and religious lines. But I don’t believe we are all that divided. The media thrives on reporting on conflict and fear because they know that will keep people tuning in. They are helping to create this illusion of separateness with reports that support a sense of tribalism.

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