Making a bucket list is a popular and necessary thing to do. It is important to have goals and dreams in life for, no matter your age, there is a limit to our time on earth. Many put these lists together, but the items don’t get done. The usual excuses for postponing action are, being too busy, waiting for a better time, needing more money. But the real excuse is fear. It petrifies us to live boldly, to operate in the present moment because we might disappoint those we want to impress.

When we put off our dreams, we convert them to wishful thinking, and we decrease our chances of fulfilling them. Whatever is on your list, now is the time to act.

It is about living boldly

I discovered that my true passions come from my Inner Guide/Higher Power/Creative Force that means to challenge me out of my daily patterns so I can experience a fuller life. But so often, I put these things off to comply with my wordly logic. I confuse myself with these kinds of excuses,

I can’t do this now I have a major project to finish.

 I can’t afford to take such an elaborate vacation

 My family’s needs come first

 What will people think if I do this? 

These are a sampling, there are many other excuses.

Doing the things that move you takes courage, but you can live boldly when you recognize that many of your fears are your own fabrication. You can push them aside. Take my excuses for example, there will always be another project, you can always use more money or time with the family. No matter what, someone will always judge your actions. Recognize that, whatever your excuses, they are nonsensical action stoppers that will continually circle you back to a no.

Rules for checking off the items on your list

1) No matter what your desire is, it is only foolish if you don’t do it.

2) Don’t take a survey among your family and friends for what you should do. Listen to your Inner Guide for he/she knows what is best for you.

3) Live in the present. Even if you are not in the position to do what you desire, you can prepare a plan on steps you can take to do it.

4) Don’t settle. If you want to go to Spain, you will not meet your need by reading a book on Spain or going to a town named Spain. Do the real thing.

5) You owe it to yourself to be happy and fulfill your dreams.


We hold ourselves back from doing what we want because we fear being seen by others as foolish or selfish. Fulfilling our dreams takes pushing against our fears no matter if those closest to us don’t like it, get angry or make fun of us.

Stop putting these things off, the hourglass of our time on earth will run out much sooner than you think. Emancipate yourself from the safe and comfortable world of mediocrity and take the risks. Be bold and have confidence the things you want contain important lessons and messages for your evolution.

 As always, wishing you a life filled with hope, love and serenity

Photo by Guillermo Vidal on my trip to Machu Picchu in Peru.