Well, this is a message you heard before, but it bears repeating, your power to change your life begins this very moment. Converting your challenges into triumphs begins with you.

Preparing for the future was a big part of what my parents taught me. I adhered to their advice for decades on the assumption I could create a future by planning for it today. Little did I stop to reflect on the fact that no one can predict the future.

I am not alone. Think about the times people warned you to save for a rainy day or told you the future belongs to those who prepare. Don’t get me wrong, I believe preparation is important. Things like getting an education or developing a skill are necessary parts of life. But no amount of preparation guarantees the future.

The role of the past

There are many who erroneously believe their past forced them to be stuck in a particular direction. This is bunk! Just because your past was not all of your choosing doesn’t mean you can’t change the trajectory of your life today. Even though you cannot alter your past, what happened to you does not shape the future. Discover gratitude for how the past has molded you, but you don’t have to relive it in the present. You can take the lessons learned and choose a better way today.

Living in the present

Your power is all in the now. The decisions you make in the present moment are the ones that change your direction. Remember, you are the one who is choosing to postpone your happiness. It is you who remains in an unfulfilling job or in a loveless relationship. Only you can start the steps towards a more fulfilling life.

The good news is the power of intention is yours. You do not require permission from others. Love, honesty, courage, kindness and generosity can be the center of your choosing just as much as you allowed fearful states to dominate your thoughts.

Everything changes now if you so choose. The power is yours in the present. Time to go for it.