Former Pennsylvania congressman Joe Sestak just became the 24th candidate in the crowded field of those seeking the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination. This large number of candidates has become the fodder for ridicule, especially by late night show comedians, but this is a serious matter. Deciding to run a national campaign for president is no easy task, and you can bet all 24 candidates will put all of their heart, soul and sweat into this effort.

It is odd to say this, but I understand this firsthand because I am familiar with two of these candidates. When Former Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper was Mayor of Denver, I served as his deputy mayor while current Colorado Senator Michael Bennet was his chief of staff. I realize this comes across as shameless name dropping but I mention this because I know both candidates well and I am sure they will fight hard for the nomination.

Think about this, twenty-four people are trying to create the exact same individual reality, but only one of them will succeed. Perhaps there are twenty-four alternative universes where each one of them will become the Democratic nominee, but, in this universe, only one will win that title.  If we believe we can create the reality we desire, then why will twenty-three candidates not be able to create what they want?

The only explanation must be that creating our reality does not mean we get our wishes granted.

Creating our reality has something to do with how we transform the events of our lives 

This may come as a disappointment, but there are too many things outside our control to make what we desire to happen in the way we want. Not everyone of these twenty-four candidates can get what they want, so this must mean the universe will give them lessons of great value that will help them grow into their highest selves. It will be up to them to learn from their experiences and convert them, no matter the outcome, into something positive and constructive. Or, they can curse the outcome, feel rejected, blame their opponents and live the rest of their lives swimming in a sea of bitterness and disappointment.

This is the challenge we all face. There is not one person among us who will always achieve what they want, but every one of us can find from our disappointments the lessons we need to create more fulfilling lives. Therefore, creating a desirable reality cannot be measured by the accomplishments, wealth, power and status we accumulate during our lifetimes. We will never be able to control the people and events that come into our lives, but the reality worth creating is the one where we transform all of our experiences, even the painful and disappointing ones, into positive outcomes. A Higher Power created us with the tools to do just that. This is where our happiness rests.

As always, wishing you a life filled with joy, love and serenity

Photo by Julius Drost on Unsplash