It sucks to have to wait for an outcome you desire to materialize. No amount of belief in the Law of Attraction can make something appear in your preferred timing. When things don’t happen for me in the timing I desire, I waver on my belief we connected with the Higher Consciousness/God/Universe that is a part of all creation.

Doubt is my worst enemy

Whenever I question the role of the Universe in my life, it is a sign I don’t believe I am worthy of good things happening. These feelings can lead me to think I am insignificant and unloved. This is a dead end, but it is important to admit I am not always sure that what I preach in my blogs is certain. Although I can look at my life and see how a Higher Power has led me with lessons and experiences to help me evolve, I can dismiss this proof with an attitude of “what have you done for me lately?”


 What I am describing is not unusual. We live within the duality of our ego and our higher self. Although we can minimize the effect of our ego by choosing better quality thoughts about our self-worth, it can still raise its head occasionally. Following are the things that weaken my resolve,

1)  Waiting fatigue. Whenever I want something and it is not happening in my timing, wondering what the delay is about can dominate my thinking. This can rob me of sleep, interfere with efforts to relax and take away the moments of rest I need to keep a calm and effective mind. When fatigue sets in, it weakens my resolve to trust the Universe to provide the things I need in its timing.

2)  Unwillingness to compromise. Taking the attitude of “I want what I want when I want it” is healthy, but most of my desires are material ones and I cannot know if they will serve my greatest good. When I become this stubborn, I am not allowing the Universe to take the necessary time to provide what is in my greatest good.

3)  Sometimes I enjoy being a victim. It is embarrassing to admit this but feeling like a victim is an easy road for me to take. If I am a victim, I take no responsibility in the outcome because my suffering is someone else’s fault. Adopting the victim role keeps me from examining if I am being closed minded about other solutions other than my preferred one.

4)  I am afraid of getting what I want. It is amazing how easily I have settled for things I didn’t want rather than do the work to reach for my truest dreams. I understand this is how fear works in me. Getting what I want may create more work for me, or make me give up habits that waste my time (such as binge watching TV for hours to numb my mind). It may require me to watch my diet or invest money I was saving for something else. Maybe what I want requires me to move somewhere else, but I don’t want to face that.

The best personal example I can give is my quest for a romantic partner. I want someone to share my life with. I believe this is the best way for humans to evolve. I miss intimacy and the certainty of feeling loved by someone else. But, after five years of living alone, I enjoy the freedom of doing whatever I want whenever I want to. Investing the time and energy to make a relationship work, threatens that freedom and I fear curtailing this freedom could make me unhappy. Regardless of my desire to be with a life partner, my unspoken fear may cause me to send the Universe mixed messages.

5)  Paying too much attention to my internal critic. My father was my greatest critic, so it is only natural it is his voice that condemns me inside my head. Listening to my internal critic has allowed me to dismiss my desires as illogical, selfish, impossible and offensive. Although I may have asked the Universe for its help, I nullified my request with these negating thoughts.

Coming to terms with my defeating thoughts

Sometimes my faith is smaller than my fears and when I notice this is happening, I have to realign with the beliefs I am loved, my creation was not an accident and that my purpose is something the world needs. It is not our job to force outcomes; it is to ask and then release. From this point on, we must trust in the Universe and gather the patience to wait for the outcome. Last but not least, we must learn to express gratitude when our wish is fulfilled.

This may sound harder than it is, so this is what I do that helps. Ask yourself if doubting, worrying, sulking, fearing, denying, cussing in anger or being hard-headed help the situation in any way? The answer is no.

Laws of the Universe are constant as the sun coming up in the morning. The Universe is conspiring with you in ways you can only imagine. Having the faith to believe is what takes effort.

As always, wishing you a life filled with hope, love and serenity.

Photo by Kat Love on Unsplash