No, you say! Your life has not turned out the way you planned. You believe they left you out because you don’t have the right job, partner, car, looks, money and the list goes on. People have left you feeling isolated, ridiculed, and unloved.  Why would this be so great?

Let me offer you a different perspective. Although it may not be clear, you are the creator of your life, the hero of your journey. This power to manifest the reality you want has been with you all along. The only thing keeping you from you is you.

Your experiences opened your eyes to lessons that made you more powerful today than ever. You are smarter, more aware and better discerning of who you are and what is good for you. From this moment on, you can choose the path of creating the life you want. You also can become the great explorer, the wise teacher, the loving partner and reliable friend you always wanted to have in your life.

Believe you can

This journey of reality manifestation begins with faith in your power to create it and in the universe’s desire to conspire with you. In fact, the universe has already been working with you to create what you want, but since you have been oblivious to your power, you have not been discerning between the negative or positive outcomes you projected. The universe passes no moral judgement, so it has been giving you what you asked for whether it was positive or negative.

What you now need to manifest your reality is a commitment to convert your dreams into a plan of action. Like any major project, you need to identify your goals and the steps to get there. You also need an accomplishment timeline. Now identify these into daily, weekly, monthly and yearly steps. Next comes your commitment to take a step towards your goal every day. If this sounds like Lao-Tzu’s adage that “the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step” it is because this is how you must go about fulfilling your dreams. Overnight sensations defy the odds. In fact, most overnight sensations toiled for years before they had a breakthrough.

Last but not least, you cannot afford negative and self-defeating thoughts. Any thought or belief that says you cannot do it or that you are untalented and unworthy of getting what you want is a lie. Shut those out and replace them with feelings of what it will be like when you are living the life you want.


If you are unhappy with your life today, know this is a good thing. It is a sign that your Higher Self is urging you to take the necessary steps to live the life you want. Your dissatisfaction is telling you your reality is out of alignment with your true purpose.

Rejoice, the world was meant to be your oyster. You have the power to make it happen, you can start odng this any time..

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