For as far back as I can remember, I have dreaded moving, for it can resurface the feelings of fear and abandonment I experienced on the day my parents put me on a plane bound for the USA seeking political asylum. I was a ten-years-old then, but the memories still linger as though they happened an hour ago. Yet, I am now all set to move to from my current home to another town all the way across Florida.

As I eagerly expect this new beginning in my life, I am confronted with these old feelings.  I know how ego strives for security and predictability, but because I didn’t understand this phenomenon when I was younger, I interpreted these feelings to be essential to my survival. For this reason, I often avoided making any change to my life that felt threatening. Unfortunately, choosing this secure route kept me in situations and relationships that were stagnant and soul killing.

As I matured and learned that security and predictability are an illusion, I saw how these negative feelings that bubble up in me were connected to the coping mechanism my ego developed when I was a child. But I couldn’t live like that anymore because, when you live your life according to your ego wants, you become what the rock band Pink Floyd calls “comfortably numb”.

Our souls are connected to a loving Higher Consciousness that is always evolving and creating.  Just like the source that created them source, our souls were not meant to stand still. The need of our spirit to grow and create are juxtaposed with our ego’s desire to keep everything the same.

Trying new things will keep your soul soaring. This does not mean you have to change everything in your life, but it demands you keep an open mind and be willing to push yourself to break personal barriers. This could take many forms, like training for a marathon or joining a social action group. Your spirit needs to keep active and creative or it dies in you.


We were born with no limits and meant to grow and evolve into our highest selves. Security and predictability may have their lure, but their net result is boredom and decay. Look for things to expand your consciousness and you will live with a young heart and vibrant soul even as you get older.

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