After three years in the making, my new book, Catch and Release; One Man’s Improbable Search for True Love and the Meaning of Life, is now available. You can order it on Amazon and in the Kindle version. For those of you who would like an autograph copy, you can order from my website,, and purchase the book in hard-copy or paperback.

Catch and Release is the long-awaited sequel to my first book Boxing for Cuba. The story picks up sixteen years later when I had reached a precarious turning point in my life; a second divorce and the unexpected conclusion of my long government career motivated me to leave my beloved Colorado to an unfamiliar life in Vero Beach, Florida. There, after much soul searching, I concluded that finding a true and lasting love would be the perfect goal to pursue in this new phase of my life. What I discovered turned out to be so much more!

Equal parts entertaining, humorous and thought provoking, Catch and Release chronicles my journey into the unsettling world of online dating and the discovery of the profound gifts inherent in life’s big transitions. I bear witness to my transformation so others may learn from the journey. It is true, when you consciously seek something in life, the answers will come—but perhaps not in the way you planned. Catch and Release is a terrific read for anyone who finds themselves starting life over again.