The future seems more uncertain than ever before. Will life return to what we once understood to be normal? Will the things important before this contagion-imposed purgatory began still mean the same? Life has taught me the answer to both questions is no. One can never go back to the way things were before the transformation began.  

The world as a caterpillar  

One of my favorite metaphors for our spiritual transformation process is the story of how a caterpillar enters a cocoon and, after a period of unseen changes, emerges as a butterfly. Such is the stuff of life; a seemingly random and unrelated event can evolve into the catalyst of monumental change in our lives. For example, the chaos caused by Castro’s takeover of Cuba’s government would one day cause my parents to leave their homeland and restart their lives in the United States and lose everything in the process that ever mattered to them.   

The coronavirus is this incident on a global scale. Who could have imagined that an infected bat’s bite on another mammal would cause such damage? Now we see with certainty everything in this world is connected. What we are unsure of is how we will come out on the other side. This fear of the unknown is causing much stress and motivating people to do fear-based things, like hoarding supplies. Hoarding is an effort to try to control the world around us. It is as though, somehow, having enough toilet paper for the unforeseen future will make things come out better (no pun intended).   

I am not trying to ridicule anyone’s comportment during this corona virus pandemic, for I have not always handled my life transitions well. I have thrashed trying to hang on to the old while I cursed the darkness. What is certain, however, is we will go through many cycles of denial, anger and panic. Eventually, we will reach a point of acceptance and begin to take more constructive actions.  Only then, when we embrace the situation, will we begin to see the light.   

I believe there is light at the end of this tunnel our planet is experiencing. This light will shine on the world in ways we have never witnessed before.    


Anyone who has experienced a major life challenge knows loss directly results from the cataclysmic events that change our lives. Sadly, many will experience unbearable losses that will be part of the history of this coronavirus reign of terror. But there will also be hope our planet can transform into a better and more loving world. We can start this transformation by loving and being of service to those around us. This love and service is the only hope our world has to turn this difficult time into an opportunity for our human species to shine like never before. Commit to be part of that effort. 

Remember, paying gratitude forward for our lives will reward you with a great deal of joy and contentment.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash