All of us went to bed last night wondering if our world was heading towards a nuclear war. This morning’s news didn’t make me feel any better, as coverage continues to highlight this Russian Roulette style foreign policy being practiced by two powerful world leaders. It is clear international tensions are reaching a boiling point.

Isn’t it ironic that, as stations take their customary commercial breaks, we are urged to buy car insurance, laundry detergent and paper towels? I rather doubt these items will help the millions of people who will be annihilated by nuclear warheads. These things will not help those who remain and have to endure the nuclear fallout. There is no coming back from this kind of devastation.

Two weeks ago I blogged about this impeding danger, and today I am terrorized by the real possibility I saw being foretold. Yet, I feel compelled to remind us all that bravado (or machismo) does not a policy make. This is a time to remember the compelling lesson from history, nothing good has come from war and nothing good ever will. Violence only begets more violence; revenge only provokes more revenge.

As expected, we are starting to hear the call to stand behind our leader as one America. In the past, this has been a practice that has helped us unite towards a common foe but, in this case, it would be foolhardy for us to support a strategy that opens the door to the destruction of our world. We live in a democracy, meaning our leaders rule because we give them our consent. Let’s not give our approval to this madness.  We must remain vigilant and resist any attempt that would endanger our world and the future for our
children and grandchildren.

If each one of us expresses our voice for peace through diplomacy and negotiations, we will be heard. Do what you can as an individual, help stop this madness before it destroys us all.

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