We have all grown up with certain negative beliefs about ourselves. Some of us think we are flawed, unworthy of love and never good enough. Life has reinforced these opinions until we became convinced they were true, but they are not. They are self lies we mindlessly repeat that have become the foundational pillars that we base our current lives on. Although they are not real, these lies have taken you away from your true center and they are sabotaging the joy right out of your life.

Where this all began.

Your family of origin unknowingly helped you build a faulty self-image. Your environment, painful traumas and experiences aided to affect your self image as well. It was not because your parents, grandparents or older siblings were bad people, they were providing you with the cultural conditioning of their time. These family members taught you the rules, logic and mores of the community. They taught you what it meant to be a good boy/girl, that you had to go to school, go to church, get a job, buy a house and so on.

All of these things in themselves are good, but, oftentimes, becoming your real self goes against this well established societal logic. Following the call of your own drummer may have upset your family members and caused them to make you feel that you were wrong, bad, dumb, hopeless, unworthy and unlovable unless you acquiesced to their teachings.

You can live the life you want. 

A Higher Source created us special and with a great purpose. The world waits for you to live from your highest self, but you cannot do this as long as you base your life on the false self-beliefs you learned to repeat yourself for decades.

To find our perfection, we must align ourselves with our Highest Selves, this is the essential journey of our lives. This is why you must learn to recognize these lies and replace them with your inner truth.

Rules of Thumb

The good news is that, even though you relied on these negative beliefs for ages, you can change them.

Here is how; any thought that demeans you, makes you fearful, feel guilty, unworthy and unlovable are false. Any time you compare yourself to others, you are using a faulty standard. Whenever you attach your self-worth to possession, status and the “right type of people”, you are worshiping false idols.

Rely instead on the thoughts that stoke your passion and inspire you. Let them lead you to new ideas and goals for yourself. Take that first step and the Universe will begin conspiring with you to achieve them.


You are meant to live an exceptional life. Your spirit demands it, but you can’t do it until you realign with your Highest Self and reach internal harmony. The choice is yours, you can continue to wallow in the misery of your false beliefs, or you can see the radiance of your own perfection and transform your life to what our Highest source meant it to be.

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