Think about it, if your ego was in charge, then everything you ever wanted would be yours. You would be rich, living in a big house with all the latest gizmos, driving the latest German luxury car. Unquestionably, you would be in charge of a successful business or be a famous movie star. If it was my ego in charge, I would be a professional basketball player who could jump so high I could dunk the ball with my feet.   

The list does not stop there, if your ego was in charge, you would be thin, fit, beautiful/handsome and look like you were forever twenty-five at every age to follow. The sexiest, most loving partner would await you at home daily to romp in bed. But things are different from this, aren’t they?  

Someone else is in charge  

Since no one is getting what we want, then someone else must be in charge; someone larger than us in strength and intelligence. That someone decided the exact timing of our conception and will also determine the time when we exit this life. No matter how hard our ego fights it, we will age and die. Our skin will wrinkle, our hair will turn grey or fall off of our heads (at least for a good number of us). Our body parts will ultimately break down.    

No matter how hard our ego wants it, he/she cannot make us immortal or make our bodies live in eternal youth. Get the picture. Someone else is in charge.  

Our ego lies  

If it is true that someone else is in charge, then why do we rely on our ego so much? The reason is simple. As one matured, our ego interpreted our experiences and teachings and developed a false and limited view of our selves. We have been living with this false self-image ever since.

Hard to blame the ego, however, for he/she was only trying to help you survive. He/she did so by interpreting the bad actions of adults or other physical traumas and making you responsible for them. Your ego lied because he/she formed these beliefs with the mind of a child and, therefore, did not have the ability or maturity to create a healthy vision of yourself.   

These are what the ego lies sound like; I am worthless, I can never win, I will never get what I want, I am unlovable; I am not good enough; I need others to take care of me, and the list goes on. Does any of this sound familiar?    

The human journey is about detaching from the ego’s beliefs and finding our true selves. It takes a lot of courage to confront one’s fears and insecurities. One has to have balls to go against what teachers have taught you or to defy the authority of those who have exercised it over your life. Yet these are the necessary steps it takes to evolve into our truest selves. These are the chains one must break to find fulfillment and purpose in life.   

You may need help to identify what these are, for they have been part of your unconscious reflex for a long time. A daily spiritual practice will also help connect you to your higher self and open you up to the Universe’s/God’s guidance. The invitation is there for you, but you must denounce the ego’s dominance. That is the first step.  

Remember, paying gratitude for your life forward will reward you with a great deal of joy and contentment.

Photo by Sunyu on Unsplash