Just like negative thinking can create undesirable outcomes, positive thinking can create optimistic ones. Our thoughts do matter, and we can use them to create the reality we want. However, we were not taught to believe we could make the life we wanted. We were told instead that our talents limited us or that we belonged in some world pecking order. We were taught to conform to the norms of society and limit ourselves to what our five senses perceive.  But that is too restrictive for there is a real world of thought, spirit and creation.

Thoughts are things

 In his book titled, Thoughts Are ThingsPrentice Mulford tells us that thoughts are as real as anything we can touch, see, hear, taste and see. In fact, Mulford claims thoughts are more valid than physical reality which is more illusory and temporary. If we want to change our world, Mulford encourages us to use thoughts as our creative force.

I know Mulford’s advice to be true, but I have used my thoughts for negative outcomes. Believing that I was not worthy of love, I received confirmation of this negative self-belief in my love relationships. Projecting into the universe I was not good enough, I created that reality.

How many of us do not think we are entitled to that raise, promotion, or a loving partner? How many of us don’t try a new interest because we already believe we are not talented enough to learn or perfect it? By doing this, we make our dreams into wishful thinking. We made this so with the negative thoughts we chose.

If you want to change things, align yourself with your higher self and recognize the abundance of beauty, health, love, generosity, kindness, courage, strength and optimism all around you. Reject those things that promote fear, anger, revenge and violence. If we can create negativity with our thoughts, why not try to create great things by choosing positive and well-meaning thoughts? What have you got to lose?

Group think 

I worry we are weakening the possibilities for our world because of the group think generated by the negative news that bombard us twenty-four hours a day.

If thoughts are things, it is possible to improve outcomes by joining with those who think the same way. The more of us who believe in a more hopeful bounty for our world, the more we will create it for ourselves and for generations to come. We may lack the influence to change the world at large, but we can recreate it by joining with those who share our positive beliefs. This is how we create a greater good.

Join me in refusing to accept the negative thinking and unconstructive effects brought on by the sick dance of hopelessness. Open your hearts to the beauty, love and peace present in our world and help grow them with your thoughts.

As always, wishing you a life filled with joy, love and serenity.