Are you are ready for some good news? You have power to create a great life! Everything you require to become all you can be is available to you, but like so many of us, you sabotage yourself.

You can change all of that.

It is a common practice for many to apply every scheme known to humans to avoid taking responsibility for our lives. Our failures were somebody else’s fault, or they stacked the odds against us. We own lists of flops long on excuses and short on accountability.

It is no great mystery why so many (myself included) rely on this approach. Blaming others and/or our circumstances removes any need for self-reflection and change. But this approach will be very unsatisfying, for it will never bring the desired results. I am a good example of this whenever I face disappointments, it is easy for me to blame others or find excuses for these unsatisfying results. By refusing to take responsibility and not examining what internal changes I need to make, I attract the same situation repeatedly.

Whenever I have done this in the past, the universe has conspired to give me the people or circumstances I need to blame for my failures. But my continued reliance on doing that was stupid for me to do. I finally changed my behavior when I got tired of getting the same poor results.

Things changed when I realized that I was (am) ultimately responsible for everything in my life!

You have the power

The people and experiences in your life helped shape your inner self concept. Whether negative or positive, this self-view drives your thoughts and teaches you to perceive your limits. From these limited beliefs, you determine your reality. You can change your life by challenging these beliefs, especially the ones that limit you.

This kind of self-examination can threaten your inner self-image (or ego) that set up these boundaries to keep you within its perception of security and stability. But these ego objectives are an illusion. This was a lesson I learned from the many changes I experienced in the seventy years of my life.

The best way to challenge your ego-based beliefs is to choose the thoughts that make you feel loved, supported and inspired. You have this power within you.

Reject the thoughts that make you feel unworthy, unloved, that you can’t, or that you are not good enough. Turn aside the thoughts that urge you to compare yourself to others to measure your self-worth. Say no to the idea that amassing achievements in the material world is the way to happiness. These are all BS.


The Universe (higher consciousness or God), is always conspiring with you. It passes no moral judgment on what you want. If you believe people will betray you, they will. If you believe you are not worthy of love, you will experience being unloved. If these are the kinds of things you ask for, you will receive them. This is how powerful your connection with this Higher Consciousness is, but this is where your power lies.

Do you want to live a life you are passionate about? Then you must accept the responsibility of transforming your self-concept into a higher one. You must learn to assemble for your benefit whatever life gives you in the present moment. Stop using an excuse for your failures, for you have the power to manifest your reality.

Your refusal to do so will deprive you from ever emerging into the higher-self God created you to be. it will also prevent you from converting your disappointments to triumphs.

Photo by Vasile Stancu on Unsplash