Have you ever wondered what the life lesson the Universe/God/Higher Power expects you to learn while you exist on earth in this current form? I am sure I know mine; it is to develop trust and patience.

When I reflect on my life, the format for these lessons becomes clear; the end of my life chapters come unexpectedly abrupt, while the transitions to a new way of being are laboriously long. It is like slogging up a steep mountain path where you cannot see the summit until you are almost there. Because of this well-known factor in my life, I never bother to buy a lottery ticket for I am sure there is no sudden miracle answer that will come.

Having wasted much of my time in the past pissing and moaning about my condition, I failed to see how the Universe was always guiding me one step after another even though the result was never clear until I got there. From these past experiences, I have learned a great lesson, my difficult situations will not improve until I settle into a place of trust and patience.

What it means to have trust

It is easy to throw these two words around and have people shake their heads in agreement as to their need, but what do they mean exactly?

In developing trust, I infer that one must reach a place of release. This requires the acceptance you do not have the power to fix your problem alone, you need help. This is especially hard to do when there is no mentor, friend, God, family member or money that can immediately bail you out of your difficult situation. When this happens, you are confronted with a choice; give in to anger and bitterness or chose to believe there is a higher purpose at work in the situation. Developing trust is choosing the latter.

It is hard when one is suffering to think there is a Higher Power/God/Universe working for your benefit, but that is exactly what choosing trust means. It is about having faith the Universe is working with you to help you evolve into a higher, more complete self. It is about believing you will become better as a result of your trial.

Developing Patience

For as hard as it is for me to develop trust, it is even more difficult to rely on patience. The way I define patience is; the knowing there is a perfect timing for everything and staying out of the way so it can happen.

In the past, the only perfect timing I believed in was the one I could force by my will and actions. My motivation for my effort was finding new ways to enhance my wealth, influence and social status. Although some would argue that I succeeded, the fact is I was pursuing the desires of my ego who wanted to please others in order create a sense that I belonged. The results of what I created were impermanent and usually collapsed under the weight of the emptiness they brought into my life. I often discovered I had settled for dreams that were too small for me because they were not aligned with my true self. There was plenty of stress and frustration along the way. This happens when we pursue external measures and try to force them to happen.


When you tie your fate to trust and patience in the Universe to work with you to create the reality you want, you open your life to a more effective pace. Gone is the strain from trying to accelerate outcomes ahead of their time. Also gone is the frustration that comes when you compare your life to the life of others when you see them get things you want.

Putting trust in the Universe and having the patience to wait for the outcomes are in your greatest interest, it puts you back as the central figure in your own life. This is where you are supposed to be, trying to discover your meaning and purpose without the aid of worldly measures. In times of trials, trust and patience become your greatest warriors to fight against depression and anxiety. These qualities will fill you with inner peace and open your eyes to the greatness that is unfolding for you. With trust and patience, you will improve the trajectory of your life.

As always, wishing you a life filled with joy, love and serenity.

Photo by Liane Metzler on Unsplash