Scientists know that Quantum math incorporates many possibilities for the outcomes of all measurements. They also know that Quantum Physics promotes this idea of unlimited possibilities because of the theory that all material structures are the actualization of invisible forms. In other words, all ideas come from an invisible source of unlimited intelligence therefore, if you can think it, you can create it.

I get it, this is heavy duty stuff that hurts my brain if I ponder them for too long. But it is an important concept to consider as we reflect on the spiritual nature of our being.

Is it just one life?

I have always instinctively known that I am connected to something beyond my body. Sometimes I ignored this instinctive knowledge, but it always returned, especially after a difficult life challenge had shattered my old ideas and beliefs. Now, there is something within that compels me to consider I am more than the culmination of experiences and knowledge I have gathered so far in this life. I sense that life is not just about me or you. We are part of something greater, united in an infinite knowledge, a part of a plan larger than ourselves.

So no, I don’t believe it is just one life. This is why I subscribe to the following words credited to French philosopher, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin,

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

Changing for the better

Are you feeling miserable and unloved? Do you see yourself stuck in hopeless drudgery? Do you spend much of your time disheartened and depressed? Then why not try changing your perspective to seeing yourself as an ageless spirit living this life temporarily to learn from it?

You might think this idea is full of crap, but Quantum Physics supports the possibility. When you see yourself as this ageless spirit part of a larger plan, you will stop thinking you are in this life to suffer or be punished for your sins as part payment for a spiritual debt demanded by a God who will meet you in heaven or sentence you to eternal damnation in hell.

When you see yourself as a spiritual being learning from life’s experiences, you stop being a victim. Suddenly, you become a being who is always growing, evolving, learning, growing in the capacity to love yourself and others. These qualities give you courage and motivation to discover the very essence of your being. They also transform your life experiences into blessings that helped shape the person you have become.

Adopting this belief has changed my life and I know will have positive results in yours. This new perspective has allowed me to become the observer of my thoughts and choose to act on the ideas more aligned with the positive light of a Higher Consciousness/God. I no longer sabotage my happiness with fear, worry or negative thinking. The observer me has become more adept at recognizing negative thoughts and replacing them with life-giving ones. No longer do I give negative thoughts a public audience. Yes, sometimes I falter, but remembering I am an ageless spirit experiencing this life to learn brings me back quickly to a better alignment.

A better life awaits you when you can see yourself as a part of something greater and not as a pawn in this worldly stage we associate with our mortal life.

Remember, paying gratitude for your life forward will reward you with a great sense of joy and contentment.

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash