We know where to get all our problems fixed. We take a toothache to a dentist, cold to a doctor, sore back to a chiropractor. We get a massage to help us loosen up and relax. Dieticians give us advice on what to eat. Many have ready lists ranging from plumbers to mechanics to deal with the myriad of external problems that can be present in our lives. It is interesting to see how decidedly we act to fix a leaky faucet yet ignore the spiritual signs that tell us we have lost ourselves.

What is it about our nature that motivates us to deal with the broken aspects of our external world yet allow us to withstand years of emptiness, dissatisfaction and depression with our lives? The answer lies in the level of denial we have for our sixth sense.

Humans own a sixth sense

Our parents, teachers and mentors took great pains in teaching us to interpret the world from five traditional senses; sight, touch, hearing, smell and touch. But they neglected to teach us much about our sixth sense; our connection to the spiritual world.

I define this spiritual sense as our capacity to discern the reality of a Higher Consciousness at work in our universe. It is the ability to see the signs we are all connected and that existence has a unique purpose.

Spirituality is the mystical side of our humanity and, although it is not as clear as the other five senses, it is just as real. Just think about the power of your thoughts to create your reality. Your thoughts are the key to everything you do, yet you cannot see, hear, touch, smell or taste them.

This sixth sense allows you to discover and maintain the mind/body/soul connection that is best for you. It is through this sixth sense that we discover our place in this world. When it is out of alignment, no amount of money, power, status or any other external factor will get it back in proper position. You can fix everything in your external world, and it will not make a difference either.

What to do to find your lost self

Our journey to authenticity is the call of every human being. It is our hero’s journey and every person is called to it throughout their lives. The fact you are reading this article tells me you feel out of touch, lost in a quagmire of false dreams others encouraged you to pursue. Meaning and fulfillment have escaped you so far and you seek answers but don’t know where to search.

The good news is that the answer lies solely within you. You can change your current condition by taking the following actions.

1) Stop pleasing people. Living according to what others think is what got you to this place. Stop asking or checking in with others for advice on how to live your life. People mostly reflect their self-interests when they offer advice. That is why it doesn’t work.

 2) Limit your exposure to toxic people and situations. To find yourself, it is imperative you remove negative influences from your life. Take an inventory of the people who surround you and strengthen your relationships with those who support, accept and root for you to become your authentic self. Align yourself with those who encourage you to follow your heart. That is where your alignment lies. Although it is not always possible to avoid toxic people and situations, you can minimize your time and exposure to them.

 3) Become your internal observer. It is a fact you can change your life by the way you choose your thoughts. Your brain produces thousands of thoughts a day, some are negative and others positive. If you feel lost, it is because you have a tendency to pick the negative thoughts and beliefs about yourself and the world. In becoming your internal observer, you can pause and allow thoughts to parade in front of you as though they were in a conveyor belt. You can then opt to choose the positive and constructive thoughts to base your actions on. Change your thoughts and your life will change for the better.

 4) Develop a daily spiritual practice. There are many forms of spiritual practices; prayer, meditation, yoga, church, etc. The point is to use focus and reflection to calm the mind and relax the body. This effort can restore a sense of tranquility and connection with the present. Although this measure may seem counterintuitive, establishing a connection with the Higher Consciousness that is part of all living things will give you a sense of inner serenity andl help you think clearer. I meditate for twenty minutes twice a day. I use the Transcendental Meditation method. It is the most important part of my day.

5) Get Help. The main reason behind losing ourselves is that we lost touch with our inner guides; our heart and intuition. You may need help in deciphering between the messages of your ego (which are the ones that caused the trouble) and the ones from your heart. In looking for help, don’t seek a person to tell you what to do. Find a coach or counselor who will help you identify the messages from your sixth sense and encourage you to follow them.

Wishing you a life filled with joy, love and serenity.

Photo by Ty Williams on Unsplash

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