Although we have been getting heart messages from the time we were born, it is difficult for most of us to understand what it means to follow your heart. We are so accustomed to getting our happiness cues from external sources we have lost touch with our inner urgings.

The heart wants what it wants and does not adhere to any worldly logic

Following where our heart takes us can be difficult to do because your heart often asks you to leave fine and comfortable situations where you have friends, fun activities and are secure. Yet, when your heart calls, you will grow more and more dissatisfied with each passing day you don’t heed the call. Eventually, you will act or die slowly like a plant that grows rootbound in its pot.

We have heard this call numerous times, but we allowed others to talk us out of following it 

Few will understand your call. You will hear from those who will criticize you for your lack of common sense or who highlight the problems with what your heart is asking of you. It will be tempting to follow their advice, for their arguments will seem reasonable.

At an earlier point in my life, I allowed the arguments from others to fill me with doubt and cause me to change my mind. But now I realize the opinions of others about your life have little to do with you and more with how they value and view the world. For this reason, I seldom share with others my inner urgings, for I believe they are coming from a Higher Consciousness rather than from the opinion of so-called experts. When I get a cue from my heart to do something, I follow it. I do so because I know I am running short on time and, should I ignore the call, I might never again be able to spread my wings and soar to my heart’s content.


There is a little sign in my office that reads “Be Yourself, everyone else is taken”. Makes good sense, for we are the only one living inside our skin. A Higher Being created you with purpose and meaning that is applicable only to you. It speaks to you through your heart. Going along with the heart’s call brings you passion, joy, excitement, curiosity, youth, adventure and fulfillment. Choosing the path of worldly logic may lead you to security and predictability for a while, but relying on this alone will bring you boredom, decay, depression, discouragement, numbness and stagnation. The wonderful news is that you get to decide. Following your heart‘s urgings is the way to go.

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