The rising popularity of superheroes in our culture caused me to wonder if every individual possesses a super power of their own. Although Batman and Wonder Woman will only recruit a handful of us to join the Justice League, I believe the rest of us possess a powerful talent or two that are worth noting.

This is not a farfetched concept. We were uniquely created and, although we may have more than one purpose during our lives, our passions will awaken the capabilities to accomplish them.

My superpower is an instinctive knowledge of how build and fix things. This has allowed me to fix or build just about anything. Name the machine, a toaster, car, washer and dryer, etc. and I can fix it. You need a house, bridge, road or a catapult, I can build it. I don’t use this superpower much anymore, i rather pay someone else to do these things, but it sure came in handy in my career and during those times in my life when I couldn’t scrounge up the money to pay for things to be fixed.

Discovering my superpower

The first time I noticed this gift was when I was ten years old flying from Havana, Cuba to Miami, Florida. I proclaim, without hesitancy, that the circumstances that led to my getting on that plane had initiated the most difficult times of my life. Fidel Castro’s Revolution had separated me from my parents and hurled me towards an uncertain future in a country where I didn’t even speak the language. Surprisingly, my grief and despair were temporarily halted when I looked out the airplane window and noticed the Florida Causeways. What kind of magic was this? America was the kind of place where people built connecting roads on large bodies of water. This was nothing short of a miracle in my boyish eyes.

It should come as no surprise I became an engineer who designed, built and maintained roads, bridges and buildings. This has been a great superpower. This time in my life has me searching for a new one. I think it is helping people handle life transitions by sharing the lessons I learned from mine.

Superheroes are all around me

My brother Bob has this incredible x-ray vision that can cut right through bullshit. This is an incredible superpower. With it my brother has helped me let go of my elaborate illusions and confront reality. I think in a previous life Bob was that kid who yelled, “the emperor has no clothes!”

My friend Dirk claims his superpower is his ability to forget the name of a person while he/she is introducing themselves to him. I don’t agree this a superpower, but it points to his unique ability to make any situation lighter and more fun. Good superhero to have around for any situation.

His wife Sylvia’s is an adventurer. She can feel at home and thrive no matter the change. I envy that superpower because I don’t handle change well. Superheroes like Sylvia are great to have around in times of transitions, they replace your fear of the unknown with optimism about the future.

My friend Steve has a special sense of space that allows him to design livable places. Not surprisingly, he is an architect and a home builder. Good superpower, Steve’s designs are open and creative, they are also friendly to the environment, the kind of home I want to live in. Wonderful to have superheroes who can help us build our dream homes. Steve’s superpower also allows him to store many things in tiny spaces. Legend has it that my architect buddy once packed a bag of spaghetti into an overflowing pantry one noodle at a time.

An Inventory of Superpowers

I have been fortunate to be surrounded by people with tremendous superpowers. They are not rare, nor are they as flashy as X-Ray vision, shape shifting or leaping tall buildings, but you know they are special when you witness them. Here is a list of these powers.

  • Making people feel accepted and welcomed.
  • Listening to what others are saying without already thinking of the counter point or interrupting.
  • Finding value in all living things.
  • Having the courage to stand against oppressive forces.
  • Finding something to love and appreciate about everyone.
  • Inspiring people to go beyond their perceived limitations.
  • Discovering the positive lessons in all situations.
  • Negotiating peace between opposing parties.
  • Healing the sick.
  • Seeking and finding truth in the midst of confusion.
  • Uniting people behind a worthy cause.
  • Becoming the voice for the least among us.
  • Lighting the way with one’s example.
  • Finding hope and optimism in the midst of setbacks.
  • Nurturing others to believe in their own worth.
  • Learning from history and making the appropriate constructive changes.
  • Clarifying confusing and complicated information for others.
  • Providing comfort and aid to the least among us

You get the picture? There are many others, but these things don’t get headlines, nor do they make movies about the people with these powers, but they do make a big difference in our world.


You don’t need to be a superhero to shield us from the powers of evil. Every person is uniquely capable of making a difference for those around him or her. All it takes is to live them out. Rejoice in who you are and the value you bring to this world.

May peace always reign in your heart.

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