We misunderstand the power of the mind to create our reality. This is apparent in the way people use affirmations as though they were desires someone out there can fulfill for them.


I think the use of affirmations is important, but I am certain you cannot get a million dollars or a date with Halle Berry by repeating them. Mind you, believing you can get these things is better than not, but just wishing it does not provide any guarantee. Creating the reality you want takes effort.


What we understand with certainty is that you are what you think. If you perceive you are a coward or that you fold under pressure, then that is who you are and what you do. If you consider yourself to be ugly, old, or untalented you will draw the Universe’s energy to support those beliefs. I have certainly held such thoughts about myself, so I understand how damaging they can be. Unaware of our mind’s power to create our reality, we misuse it with our negative thinking.

Where does negative thinking come from?

It is appropriate to assign a lot of the blame to our parents and mentors. This is because they ingrained in us the values and beliefs they inherited from the generations that came before. I do not mean this to be a criticism of those who taught us, for they were sure they were guiding us to be better, especially by letting us know the error of our ways. But their concentration on pointing out our faults caused us to mistrust our abilities and to compare ourselves to others to establish our worth.


Another source of negative thoughts comes from our lack of perspective. For example, when you attended kindergarten you may have come across your first bully, a bigger boy/girl who hit you or made fun of you. Having never experienced this before, you ran away sniveling to tell the teacher. After being punished by the teacher, the bully and his minions called you a chicken and threatened to beat you up, so you ran from them rather than stand up to their teasing and abuse. Since then, you have believed you are a coward.


This is how our ego might react when it senses we are in danger. It is a pretty natural and understandable reaction. The problem develops when the ego views and then reacts to all similar future situations in this same way. What it doesn’t account for is that you were five years old and had not refined your perception to the person you are today, someone capable of figuring out more appropriate reactions to threatening situations. Because you could not correct this, you still unconsciously think you are cowardly because of what happened when you were five.


To overcome the ego’s reaction in modern times when you are facing a difficult situation, you must quiet your mind and recognize when the thinking comes from a self-perception established in childhood. Rather than react from it, you must push it away so you can concentrate on the action you can take as an adept adult.

Creating a new reality

You don’t have to respond to life based on every thought that enters your conscious mind. A Higher Power created you with the ability to differentiate and chose the productive ones from them. By choosing thoughts that are positive, like those of having strength, courage, honor and other wonderful qualities, you begin to draw the Universe’s energy to make these a part of you. This works no matter who you are and what “sins” you perceive you have committed. This may not win you the lottery, but it will create a better reality for you because you will connect to more positive vibrations. You will also unplug from the defeating current of negative thoughts. Try this every time you become conscious of your negativity. By changing your focus to your positive attributes, you will see your life improve.

Photo by Kazi Mizan on Unsplash