I love the stories about genies and magic lamps. Imagine rubbing an old magic lamp and having a genie come out to grant all of your wishes. This fantasy has a ring of truth to it, except for you are the genie in the bottle with the power to get for you what you desire.

Do you find this hard to believe? Well, I am not alone in thinking this. Everywhere I turn these days, one well-known author after another is telling us we possess the power to create our own reality.

I found this to be true in my life. But this needs clarification, for it is one thing to create the reality you want and another to have all of your wishes fulfilled.

Many of our wishes are not in our greatest good

Just because you want something does not mean it is good for you. Chances are that your ego came up with them, like wanting more money than your neighbors or becoming more powerful and famous than the people you know.

Other desires are not possible. Because you wish it, for example, does not mean you can become LeBron James. Fantasies like this are fun to imagine, but they are just dreaming.

Become your own genie

Not that becoming your own genie allows you to make things appear or disappear; it is more about transforming for the better all the things that come your way. Remember, to live successfully, you must learn to take whatever it is the Universe gives you in the present moment and use for your greatest good. Living as your genie gives you the power to, metaphorically, turn lemons into lemonade, water into wine, lead into gold.

To be the granter of your wishes, you must find the path that fills you with passion, energy, joy and creativity. This is where the universe can best conspire with you to create what you want.

I’ve had a glimpse of this path throughout my life. Those were the times when I knew I was born to do exactly what I was doing. I feel it today when I share the wisdom I learned from my experiences through my writing and speaking.

Manifest your reality 

Ecclesiastes 3 from the King James version of the Bible says,

“To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven.”

We can manifest our own reality, in cooperation with the universe, by being open to this biblical advice. This effort begins with our positive thoughts. Accept there is a benefit in the things, experiences and relationships that have come into your life. Adopting this perspective will allow you to convert whatever comes your way into great and fulfilling experiences. Being open to them, without judgement, allows the lesson they contain to transform you.

Today, I live open to the things that come my way because I am confident that I can manage the challenges they bring. This has enabled me to manifest a reality that has raised my level of consciousness. It has helped me align with my path and has brought a level of greater joy and satisfaction to my life—just as it is—than I have never known. This is exactly the reality I want to create.

This can also happen for you.