Dr. Wayne Dyer tells the story about an agnostic surgeon friend who was bragging about never finding evidence of God.

“I have cut people open by thousands on the operating table over the years and not once have I seen a soul.”

Dyer’s response left his medical colleague speechless;

“I’m sure you haven’t seen a thought either, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist.”

This story serves to illustrate the dilemma of trying to prove a Higher Power exists in our lives by using our five senses. For this there is a sixth sense that accepts the palpable evidence of a spiritual realm, but it is beyond what our five senses will accept, for we can only feel and acknowledged it in a mystical dimension.

That experience for me becomes clear in my daily interaction with the creative source of the Universe when I sit down to write. Nothing in my life is like this. Whenever I tap into this Higher Intelligence, I am filled with thoughts, knowledge and words that go beyond my experience. It is as though I am swimming in a fast-flowing river of wisdom that allows me to pull thoughts and ideas to share with the world.

When I go back and reread what I wrote, I know the words expressed did not just come from me. Often this experience of going back and reading “my” work leaves me wondering in amazement;

“Wow! This is outstanding! I can’t believe this came out of me alone!”

Being in the flow

It so happens that I am not alone in this experience. I share this creative connection with friends who are writers, musicians, poets, painters, marathoners, mountain climbers, surgeons and (you name it) who describe similar experiences. This is what some people call “being in the flow” and nothing else in their lives compares to the spiritual and emotional liberation one encounters when in the flow.

I sense that too, for I know I have tapped into that Higher Source. This higher power speaks to me through the language of metaphors. It engages my imagination with pictures and visions that speak to me in ways that are not restricted by mere words. Sometimes, despite my limited vocabulary, I am given words I never used before that better explain (I look up the meaning first, of course) the inspired message.

Once again, my fellow creators share similar experiences of being filled by this creative power with abilities they once perceived were beyond their capabilities.


I believe our Higher Power inspires us through the things we love and feel passionate about. This is further proof of how the Universe conspires with us by giving us the energy, insight and ideas to attain a higher plane for our purpose and our existence.

If you live in the world dominated by your five human senses, you will scoff at this suggestion. Everyone has a sixth sense that, if you can open your mind to its possibilities, the universe will fill your life with unimaginable treasures.

Remember, paying gratitude for your life forward will reward you with spirits of joy and contentment.

Photo by “My Life Through A Lens” on Uns