Whenever people around me talk to each other as though I wasn’t there, I use a line to get their attention I learned long ago, “What am I? A Potted Plant?”. Brendan V. Sullivan, attorney for Marine Lieutenant-Colonel Oliver North during the Iran-Contra hearings is credited with using the first version of this line. I love using this quip as a humorous way of reminding friends they are ignoring me like they do potted plants. But the truth is that we should not be ignoring them, for we share a lot more things with these plants than we realize.

Twelve similarities 

Although our human makeup differs from plants, we both;

1)  Come from the same creative Higher Consciousness who gave us a life purpose.

2)  Draw nourishment from air, water, sun and soil.

3)  Can adapt to any situation but do better in loving and supportive environments.

4)  Breathe through a particular set of organs, humans use lungs while plants breathe through their leaves.

5)  Circulate a substance that provides nutrients and healing for our bodies. Humans pump blood while plants use sap.

6)  Have an outer protective cover, skin for humans and bark for plants.

7)  When confined can become rootbound and need to be replanted so we can grow and expand.

8)  Need pruning to get rid of the dying parts that are stealing some necessary nutrients we need to grow. Uncluttering is one human version of pruning.

9)  Are uniquely created, not one is the same.

10)  Are fragile and can be damaged by others.

11)  Can be taken for granted.

12)  Will cease to exist someday.

Everything in this world has purpose

Humans have a tendency to prioritize our existence over all others. We exploit the world for our purpose without concern for what we are doing to other living things. We ignore the truth that everything is part of a grand plan created by an infinite, superior Intelligence. Even rocks are part of this Creative Being.

We may not be able to see the spiritual essence in all things, like in a potted plant, but it exists. Everything has purpose and is part of a greater wisdom that we all need to learn.

Remember the next time you see a house plant, know it is vitally connected to you. Appreciating all things in this world will give you pleasure and joy in living.

Remember, paying gratitude for your life forward will reward you with noble spirits of joy and contentment.

Photo by Pauline Bernfeld on Unsplash