Everything I have ever done rooted in self-seeking has never amounted to much. The same goes for the things I longed for in the material world. Having a bigger home, a new car, latest styles and most modern gadgets filled my inner emptiness for just a little while. It didn’t take long after to place my sights on new desires.

These periods being stuck in our culture’s materialistic pursuits have never been very satisfying for me. Nothing ever seemed to be enough. There was always something new and better to attain. This greedy merry-go-round kept me trying to earn more money to spend on more things. This was no way to live. My glass was never full enough and I never stopped to appreciate for what I already had.

A similar dynamic was at play in my career. No title or accomplishment satisfied me. There was no resting on my laurels, I had to be in pursuit of the next one as soon as I could.

The ego’s path 

Our ego’s concern is mainly with his/her own survival. Its path is one of fear that it will not be ruling your life, but that is not always clear. This is why it demands that we continually compare ourselves to others to determine our value. It tells us we are not good enough and convinces us that the lower we are on that pyramid of comparison, the greater our chances of failure.

The ego’s path is a never-ending cycle of pain and disappointment because there will always be someone better than you in what you pursue. Even if you become the best in the world at something, someone will come along to knock you off that perch and give the ego reason to chastise you for not being good enough

Fending off the way of the ego

The best way to combat fear is with love. This must begin with a self-love predicated on the belief a Higher Power created you with a unique purpose and meaning. When self-love is at your center, you know you are a gift, a treasure. The only comparing you need to do is to measure your progress from who you were.

Self-love is seeing yourself as an artist who is continually honing his/her craft. This kind of love demands you follow your passions. It does not need others’ approval. This is our existential human journey and why it is important that you cease comparing yourself to others.

Nothing is ever as it seems. What a person does, how they look and what status they hold in life have nothing to do with you. These things are part of an individual journey that brings experiences for them to learn and grow from.

The path of the ego leads to anger, jealousy, despair, dishonesty and dissatisfaction. Ultimately, it will leave you feeling defeated, exhausted and depressed.

The way of your Higher Self is filled with a love that enriches your life. Your Higher Self rejoices in your uniqueness and is grateful for who you are and what you have. He/she knows your value and the importance of your purpose for the world.


If you are finding yourself in a quagmire of self-loathing and dissatisfaction, you are traveling on the ego’s path. You can choose differently when you view your life as expanding with every experience.  Remind yourself daily, even when things suck, that you are growing towards a more perfect you. When you do this, you will see your cup is always filling. You will know you are transforming into a more powerful, better and wiser soul.

When you can see yourself as a great sculptor refining the masterpiece that is your life, bliss and gratitude will overcome you. Stop worrying about everyone else, you have your hands full.

Remember, paying gratitude for your life forward will fill you with joy and contentment.

Photo by Road Trip with Raj on Unsplash