Even if you accept that every person is just one of countless microcosms in the Universe, nature shows you daily that even the smallest organism has purpose. Let’s take the human body as an example. Scientist have proven that your body replaces every cell roughly every seven years.

I am sure you don’t stay up at night deciding which cells go where, but that is exactly what your body is doing. Cells are being reproduced to replace the ones in your heart, liver, skeleton and every other part of your body.

A Higher Consciousness wired you with purpose

Have you stopped to think who decides and then makes the right number, size and shape of cells? Why do some cells know they need to replace the ones in the stomach while others know they must replace the ones in the lungs? Extend this reasoning to things around you, why does a cell become part of a monkey and another part of a stone.

This is the tangible evidence that leads me to conclude there must be a Higher Intelligence beyond our understanding who is orchestrating this, not only for us, but for everything in existence. It follows then that all we see contains a part of this Higher Power.

This begs the question, if some Higher Intelligence takes the time and trouble to manage the purpose of your cells, doesn’t it make sense that it must have wired each one of us with a purpose as well?

We are always learning, evolving and blossoming

Humans perform a different purpose than camels or elephants, etc. No humans are alike, each one operates with an independent mind. And, as far as science knows, we are the only species that get to reflect on our lives and decide its direction. Humans also can live far beyond the five senses (touch, smell, taste, hearing and sight). Philosophers call this reality present in the spirit realm the sixth sense. This is where we connect with our soul, spirit or highest self.

Anyone who has put in some years knows that, while the body can grow old and decay, our souls can be reborn. The soul looks to rejuvenate and transform by learning and experiencing new things. Our soul calls us to break out of our comfort zone and try these new things. Excellent outcomes are nearly impossible when we refuse to heed our spirit’s call.

Wealth, status and power

Thinking our careers, titles and accomplishment define who we are confuses our search for true purpose. It is our actions that set the stage to carry out a greater purpose what a Higher Power meant for us to do. Therefore, one’s purpose is defined by a commitment to take action that helps create a greater good. Here are some examples;

1) Providing a voice for the voiceless.

2) Standing up against injustice and the oppression of others.

3) Shedding a light on new knowledge.

4) Inspiring others to do their best.

5) Showing and motivating others to find the courage to try new things.

6) Uniting people of diverse points of view to create a common vision.

There are so many more. The wonderful thing about your purpose is that you can achieve it whether you are the son of a carpenter or the CEO of a large organization. It has no boundaries. It does not matter who you are, what position you hold or your level of wealth. Your level of effort for this cause will be the measure of success, not how much money you make or how many people you affect.

The material things in life can cloud our awareness of what our true purpose is. It is important to not pursue or define yourself by them to explain the meaning of your existence. To do so leads you to a blind alley of despair and depression.

Reach into your heart, look at the positive ways you interact with the world. This is where your purpose lies.

The world needs your talents today. That is why you are here now.

Photo by Marcos Paulo Prado on Unsplash