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Hello, I’m Guillermo.

Finding relief from your frustrations means meeting challenges head on, fueled by the desire to become your best self. I’ve gone from an orphaned Cuban immigrant to mayor of a major city and from married to single at an age where most couples are settling in to enjoy retirement together.  Now, as a mentor, speaker and author I’m passionate about making the world a better place for all by helping others become their best self.  


Stories to uplift you, inspire you, and bring you insight about life and the power that we all have within. Buy my books, read them, then tell me what you think (honest opinions only, please).

My Latest Insights

Is Lying Ever Acceptable?

Is Lying Ever Acceptable?

We are all guilty of being dishonest. We lie about our age, weight, or why we are late. Some cheat on their taxes, others on their spouses. Some embellish their experience and education on their resumes. Deceiving others is so common in our culture that many assume it to be acceptable. We even use the term “white lie” to excuse minor falsehoods we deem unimportant.

Learning to Open Our Minds is More Important Now than Ever

Learning to Open Our Minds is More Important Now than Ever

It is easy to lose hope that we can bridge our country’s ideological divide. More than ever, we must try, but we need to do something different to create unity; we must listen and understand those who differ from us. Asking someone to explain their opinion is a significant first step towards that understanding. Doing so is a sign of respect, it says you want to know more. But listening is a choice. If you look for the opportunity to interrupt with your counter arguments while they are talking, that is not listening.

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